Ride Match Program

Welcome to the Yolo Commute Ride Match Page

If you are interested in joining a carpool, vanpool or using transit to reduce your commute costs and make your life easier, we can help.

Many people do not realize that their neighbors are looking to join a carpool or vanpool, too. We match those interested in sharing a ride by locating other interested parties who live and work within a few miles of each other.

Beside saving big on gas and automobile maintenance, ridesharing offers other benefits:

  • Reduced traffic and parking congestion
  • Fewer accidents
  • Less stressful commutes
  • Cleaner air

Additionally, some employers offer special parking for carpools and vanpools, access to free rides in case of an emergency, and tax-free subsidies. Ask your employer if it offers any rideshare benefits.

Yolo Commute is a partner with the region’s Sacramento Commuter Club.     The Sacramento Region Commuter Club is your one-stop for all things rideshare. CC’s ridematching service will help you find a carpool partner. Search CC for available vanpools. Use its Trip Planner to find the best bike route. Or, log in to update your trip diary. It’s a terrific resource for commuters!