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2024 May is Bike Month!



Applications are no longer being accepted.



May is Bike Month (MIBM) is BACK for 2024!

Yolo Commute proudly partners with Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA) on this legendary campaign, utilizing the Love to Ride platform. Join the fun by downloading the Love to Ride mobile application from the Apple Store or Google Play!

Yolo Commute is back this year with even larger incentives for bicycling accessories and/or new bikes, including up to: $150 for accessories, $250 for a conventional bike, and $350 for an electric-assist bike. Our program is easy, just purchase your accessory or bike consistent with program policies below, and then fill out the form below!


Yolo Commute MIBM Incentive Program!

**Please read carefully as policies have changed for 2024**

Members are responsible for knowing these program policies:

  • All incentives are available on a first-come, first-serve basis until our funding runs out.
  • All purchases – accessories and bikes – MUST be purchased at a regional bike shop that provides bike maintenance and repair services.
  • Members who purchased a bike through our 2023 MIBM Incentive Program are not eligible for a bicycle in 2024. But you are eligible for accessories!
  • No pre-application approval required this year for bike purchases! Make your purchase, upload the required verifying information and submit your application using the form below.
  • All purchases must have been made on or after April 1, 2024.
  • Yolo Commute will send your reimbursement check 45 days after members submit their verifying information.


2024 Incentive Amounts

$150: Bike Accessories / Bike Repair / Tune-Ups

$250: Conventional Bicycle

$350: Electric-Assist Bicycle


Frequently Asked Questions


Why must I purchase bike accessories or a new bike from a regional bike shop?

Answer: We want our members riding on quality bikes that correctly fit them, that will last a long time, and they will want to ride. Your local bike shop is most qualified to help you make a good decision, ensure proper fit, assemble your bike, and provide support throughout your ownership. While quality bikes can be found online, Yolo Commute supports our region’s full-service bike shops – particularly those in Yolo County – and want our incentives circulating in the local economy.

Last year you reimbursed members quickly, why are you now waiting 45 days to reimburse applicants?

Answer: We were excited to provide reimbursements quickly to our members last year. Unfortunately, we have experienced some incentive “gaming” in past cycles where a member will purchase an accessory or order a bike, receive their incentive, then return the accessory or cancel their bike order while keeping the incentive. This does not put us in good standing with the local bike shops we’re trying to help as they’re stuck with unsold inventory.

45 days is the longest of most full-service bike shops’ return policies and so if recipients do try to return their item, they will receive in-store credit rather than cash.

I bought a bike last year with these incentives, why can’t I buy one this year?

Answer: The program’s goal is to get as many people riding quality bikes as possible and stretch our little non-profit budget as far as possible. If you purchased a bike last year, you should still be riding it! If you’re hooked on bicycling and looking to upgrade your bike, come back to the program next year!

Why do you require three verification file uploads?

Answer: We recognize this is an inconvenience, but the purpose is to also reduce incentive “gaming”. Since we don’t require a pre-application this year for new bikes and we increased the incentive amounts, we need to make sure that people are 1) verifiable Yolo Commute members, 2) have actually purchased a bike or accessory, and 3) taken delivery of it. If you can do all this with one file upload, you’ve just made our lives easier!

How will I know if funding is still available?

Answer: We’ll try to post updates as we approach our program budget. One reason we previously required a pre-application was to track the program’s burn rate. However, we wanted to simplify the process for our members. In this case, the sooner you purchase your accessories or bike, the better your chances and the more you can ride during May is Bike Month.

Our program has a total budget of approximately $12,000. Check this site as we will update it to let people know when we’re approaching that amount.

Can I buy a used bike?

Answer: Used bikes, even if purchased from a regional full-service bike shop, are not eligible for this program.

Can I buy an electric scooter?

Answer: No. No mobility devices other than bicycles or electric-assist bicycles are eligible. After all, it is called May is Bike Month for a reason!

Am I eligible for more than one incentive? For example, a new bike incentive and accessories incentive?

Answer: No. You can have one or the other, but not both.

Can I purchase a bike or accessories from REI?

Answer: Yes, but not online. REI has a full-service service bike shop within their department store format. Your accessories or bike purchases must be made at the store and you must take delivery of a bicycle from the store. It will be your responsibility to provide satisfactory evidence in your reimbursement application. Just play by the rules, it’s not fun for you or us when we have to decline a request.

What if I have problems with the form?

Answer: Please contact us! We want to know if something isn’t working right with it.

I purchased bikes for both my wife and myself but wasn’t sure if I should apply a second time on her behalf?

Answer: You can submit one form for both purchases.

The proof of purchase I submitted was the easiest thing to find – my credit card receipt – but I can request an invoice from the local dealer if that helps?

Answer: Yes, we need an itemized invoice that confirms the make and model of bicycle purchased. If the invoice also includes transaction confirmation, then you only need to submit that, the receipt isn’t needed.

What if I have a question and I’m not sure whether an accessory or bicycle is eligible?

Answer: Each year we encounter questions we haven’t seen in previous years. When in doubt, ask us, we’re here to help! Somebody else probably has the same question and we’ll post it here for everyone’s benefit. Contact Brenda at

Yolo Commute members based in Davis or who travel to Davis regularly can take advantage of special SPIN bike & scooter share incentives for Yolo Commute members!

Yolo Commute Quarterly Pass

  • $60 per quarter ($20 per month)
  • No unlock fees & up to 500 minutes of trip time for the duration of the pass

Yolo Commute members will receive an exclusive 15% discount on E-moped purchases or rentals at HMP Bikes in Davis! Just show verification of Yolo Commute membership, such as an employee badge or pay stub. Your discount will be applied at the point of sale.

Click on the logo above to learn more about their selection of exciting E-mopeds!


Interested in trying a different way of getting to work?

The Rideshare Incentive Program offers our members incentives to use a commuting alternative, including carpooling or vanpooling, public transportation (public bus, light-rail and/or commuter rail), walking, or bicycling. It’s a terrific way to avoid traffic congestion, save on gas, and reduce stress.

TRIP’s goal is to reduce SOV trips by people who work in Yolo County. While TRIP incentives will get you started short-term, the effects are longer lasting. Once commuters have “sampled” a different commute option, they are more likely to appreciate the benefits and continue after the incentive expires.

Only Yolo Commute members qualify for rideshare incentives.

See which commute option is best suited to meet your needs.

The Rideshare Incentive Program (TRIP)
General Rules
  • Participants may try up to three (3) mode incentives + bonus per year.
  • Applicants must have been traveling to and from work by car prior to using the alternative mode to earn the incentive.
  • Applicants are asked to take a photo of themselves using their commute alternative.
Commute Mode Requirement Incentive
Public Transit (e.g. bus, train, light rail)
Micromobility (e.g. scooter)
Initial : Log 10 trips Initial : $30 cash incentive
Bonus : Log additional 10 trips Bonus : Additional $50 cash incentive (total $80)
Participation Guidelines
  1. Any Yolo Commute member employee/resident may apply for TRIP incentives, provided that the employee works at least 20 hours per week and has been employed by a member business for three months. For a residential member, the member development must be the resident’s primary residence.
  2. Applicants must have been commuting or traveling to and from work by car prior to applying.
  3. TRIP participants agree to log their trips via survey below.
  4. TRIP participants are eligible to receive a maximum of $240 in financial incentives per individual per year.
  5. Incentives are limited and subject to available funding.
  6. When trying your new commute, take and save one picture of yourself using your new mode so we can authenticate. You will upload this to the survey.
  7. When you’ve completed 10 trips, you can apply for the $30 incentive.
  8. When you’ve completed an additional 10 trips, you can apply for the $50 incentive.
Receive Your Incentive

Apply for your incentive(s) and log your trips by completing the form below:

TRIP Form:
(Only member employees or member residents are eligible)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpg, Max. file size: 64 MB, Max. files: 3.
    Contact Information(Required)
    (We will need your mailing address to send your incentive check) :>)
    This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    **If you have any questions, contact the Yolo TMA Director Brian Abbanat at **

    Receive 50% off Yolobus monthly passes!

    Yolo Commute members not already receiving reduced cost/free/subsidized transit passes through their employer or residential development can receive 50% off Yolobus monthly passes!

    How does the program work?
    • Discount applies to regular rate monthly passes only.
    • Users must register and purchase passes through the ZipPass mobile application (click icon below for more info).
    • One pass per user per month is allowed.
    • The 50% discount will be applied at point of purchase.
    Ready to get started?
    • Step 1: Complete registration form below (This information allows us to upload your e-mail address so ZipPass  will recognize you and apply your discount.).
    • Step 2: Receive confirmation from Yolo Commute your e-mail was uploaded to ZipPass.
    • Step 3: Download the ZipPass mobile application.
    • Step 4: Purchase your monthly Yolobus pass through ZipPass. Your discounted pass options will appear after clicking “Yolo Commute” from the “Agency” drop-down menu.
    Forget to download the ZipPass app? Click below…

    The Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH) is your “safety net” in any rideshare or alternative transportation program. It gives you security to know that you can call a taxi, book a ridehail, or get a rental car paid for by Yolo Commute if you are unable to catch your normal ride due to overtime, illness or other reasons listed below.

    You are eligible to use this program if your employer is a member of Yolo Commute and you do not drive alone to work at least 60 percent of your work week.


    You may use the Yolo TMA’s Guaranteed Ride Home up to six (6) times a year for the following circumstances:

    • Your ridesharing partner has an emergency and you have no way to get home
    • Unscheduled, approved overtime
    • You are ill and must go home
    • You must get to a family emergency
    • Your commute bicycle broke down and cannot be repaired at your work site
    • Unexpected severe weather is preventing you from bicycling or walking home after work today

    The following uses are not eligible for reimbursement:

    • Personal errands
    • Medical or dental appointments
    • Building evacuations
    • Business travel
    • Job related injuries
    • A natural disaster (floods)
    • Transit problems (the transit provider is responsible for providing another bus)
    • Missed bus, carpool or vanpool ride home
    • Other reasons deemed invalid by program administrator

    How To Use...

    When an urgent need requires you to get home, we know you don’t have time to deal with vouchers or pre-authorizations. That’s why Yolo Commute makes it easy: just use the options below and we’ll reimburse you.

    Taxi, Lyft, Uber and Via:

    Use who you want. Yolo Commute will reimburse for up to $50. Simply fill out the below form after your trip.

    Rental Car:

    Commuters traveling 20 or more miles from work will use Enterprise Rent-a-Car. You are responsible for returning the car to the rental agency within 24 hrs, with the same fuel level as when rented. A credit/debit card will be necessary to initiate the rental; however, only Yolo Commute will be charged for the vehicle cost, less gas refill and optional insurance.


    Fill out the below form for GRH reimbursement…

    Only Yolo Commute members are eligible...
    We'll need this info to mail your reimbursement check!
    Subscribing to future electronic communications will ensure you receive information about incentives, programs, newsletters, and other resources.
    Please upload your receipt (picture of paper receipt or electronic receipt)
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, pmg, pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.

      We strive to reimburse members as quickly as possible, but your patience is appreciated!

      Contact Brian Abbanat or call with any questions:   530-402-2879

      Guaranteed Ride Home

      The GRH gives you security to know that you can call a taxi, book a ridehail, or get a rental car paid for by Yolo Commute if you are unable to catch your normal ride due to overtime, illness or other reasons listed above.

      Electric-assist bicycles are a great way to commute or run errands while at work!

      Yolo Commute is excited to offer members the E-Bike Loan program. With this program, Yolo Commute members can borrow one of three electric-assist bicycles we recently purchased with funding from the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District. We offer the following bicycles:

      Bike Model Picture Equipped with
      Fleet #1: (2) Specialized Turbo Como SL
      • Easy step-through frame
      • Comfortable riding position
      • Front basket
      • Digital display
      • Folding lock
      • Fenders
      • Fits riders 5’5” – 5’10”
      • Up to 28 mph
      Fleet #1: Yuba Kombi E5 Cargo
      • Easy step-through frame
      • Comfortable riding position
      • Grab handles and waterproof padded seats for two small children
      • Front basket
      • Digital display
      • Folding lock
      • Fenders
      • Fits riders 5’5” – 6’4”
      • 440 lbs capacity
      Fleet #2: (3) Velotric Discover 1
      • Easy step-through frame
      • Comfortable riding position
      • Front basket
      • Digital display
      • Cable lock
      • Fenders
      • Fits riders 5’1” – 6’4”
      • Up to 28 mph
      Fleet #1

      Purchased at discount from and expertly assembled by Davis-based Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board, what separates these from lower costs e-bikes is they provide a natural assist based on your pedal effort: more pedal force equals more assist. They also have higher quality brakes, drivetrain, and other components, making your ride that much more enjoyable.

      The Specialized Turbo Como SL is great for single riders who want to try commuting by e-bike. No need to bring an extra set of clothes to work, you won’t need it as riding an electric assist bike allows you to use as much or little effort as you want.

      The Yuba Kombi E5 is great for parents who want to try the “school drop-off” by bike before heading to work. It’s also good for carrying bulky or heavy items during the workday. With an extra stable kickstand, you can load the kiddos without tipping over. We even equipped it with padded seats and grab handles for the kids.

      Fleet #2

      In partnership with Velotric, Yolo Commute recently purchased three Velotric Discover 1 bicycles. These high-quality bikes feature a 500w hub motor, hydraulic brakes, torque sensors, integrated tail/brake light, and a front basket. This is another great option for commuting to work or running errands. Give it a tr!

      Yolo Commute knows that you may be hesitant to jump into buying an electric-assist bike. That’s why we offer our members these bikes to borrow so you can “try before you buy”.

      If you would like to borrow one of these awesome electric-assist bicycles, Yolo Commute member representatives can contact us and we will deliver to your workplace. Note, we do not loan the bikes to individuals.

      If your employer is not a Yolo Commute member, ask them to so you can enjoy these bikes and our other incentives and programs!

      Take free online bicycling education courses with your Yolo Commute membership (up to $30 per year)! With Cycling Savvy bicycle education courses, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to bike anywhere safely and have a lot more fun, even when biking in traffic!

      Accessing Cycling Savvy education courses is simple:

      • Click Cycling Savvy logo >>
      • Purchase and watch education course (keep electronic receipt)
      • Complete reimbursement form, below…

      Subscribing to future electronic communications will ensure you receive information about incentives, programs, newsletters, and other resources.
      Upload your electronic receipt here...
      Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.