Yolo Commute can help private sector developers, local agencies, and local businesses expand transportation opportunities for employees and residents.

For Developers

Development Mitigation

Do you have a commercial or residential development application in process? Depending on your location and development type/scale you may be required to mitigate against transportation impacts. Come prepared to your pre-application meeting with local agencies by consulting with Yolo Commute. We can advise you on practical, proven transportation solutions that improve your development application before you finalize your site plans, Development Agreement, or EIR.

Attracting Commercial Tenants

The workforce is changing and so is its relationship to commercial tenant attraction. Younger generations entering the workforce view transportation differently from prior generations including reduced/delayed driver licensing, lower rates of car ownership, greater comfort with using technology to access transportation alternatives. With rising costs of housing and transportation, employees and employers are increasingly looking to reduce costs and want viable transportation options to access their work. Bundling Yolo Commute membership into your tenant leases can provide a competitive advantage in tenant attraction and enable them to take advantage of Yolo Commute incentives, programs, and resources from Day One!

Residential Development

Residential development layout and site design has an enormous impact on travel behavior. Additionally, new residential developments must increasingly mitigate against transportation impacts. Tap into Yolo Commute’s expertise on your residential development site layout and design before submitting your development application to your local permitting authority. Even better, bundle Yolo Commute membership into your Homeowners Association and/or transportation mitigation program so all of your residents can take advantage of Yolo Commute incentives, programs, and resources!

Transportation and Land Use Planning Consultations

Yolo Commute staff offers over 25 years of local urban planning experience to your organization. Specifically, we can provide in-depth insight in the following areas:

  • Transportation planning and policy
  • Corridor planning / street design
  • Active transportation / micromobility policies and facility design
  • Transportation demand management
  • Parking policy, pricing, and management
  • Long-range land use planning
  • Economic development
  • Transit planning and operations

So if you’re looking for an independent set of eyes on one of your projects in the above categories, Yolo Commute can help!

Development Agreement Consultations

Let Yolo Commute help with your Development Agreement! In many circumstances, Development Agreements are commonly drafted and finalized by staff or executives without a strong background in transportation, travel behavior, or transportation demand management. As a result, Development Agreements either seek the wrong concessions from developers; are impractical, causing unnecessary tension between developers and staff; or are ineffective at producing desired transportation outcomes. Yolo Commute can work with local agencies before or after Development Agreements are drafted, all through the lens of achieving local agency transportation goals and objectives.

Transportation Mitigation Monitoring / Transportation Systems Management

EIR Mitigation Monitoring Plans (MMP), Development Agreements, and Transportation Systems Management codes often have inconsistent enforcement. Yolo Commute may be able to assist with a new development’s follow-through of the development’s MMP. We also can potentially assist in resurrecting stagnant Transportation Systems Management requirements in local agency codes.

Yolo Commute can come to your organization to explain the importance of transportation demand management and how individual transportation decisions collectively affect societal goals such as clean air, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, transportation equity, sustainability, congestion, and quality of life all within the backdrop of a growing northern California megaregion. Yolo Commute can help your organization adjust to today’s transportation realities, through a “we won’t build our way out of congestion” lens.

Transportation data collection is increasingly important in decision-making at all societal levels. If you don’t know your employees’ commuting needs, you should. If you are a local agency without a travel behavior data program of your residents, measuring progress toward the transportation goals and objectives in your policy documents is difficult.

What other transportation questions are you not asking? Yolo Commute can help your business, organization, or local agency understand why transportation data is important to collect from your employees, residents, or other constituents.  Let’s have a conversation about the transportation-related questions you’re trying to answer. Yolo Commute can also tap into our established relationships for specialized expertise. That is, if we don’t know, we know how to get pointed in the right direction.