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4. You don’t need to develop your own transportation demand management program!

5. You care about a more sustainable transportation system.

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Membership Fees FY 2023/24

FTEs At Work Site Annual Dues
0-9 $150
10-25 $300
26-50 $450
51-100 $750
101-250 $1,125
251-500 $1,500
501-1,000 $1,875
1,001-1,500 $2,250
1,501+ $3,000
Housing Units Annual Dues
0-9 $300
10-25 $600
26-50 $900
51-100 $1,500
101-250 $2,250
251-500 $3,000
501-1,000 $3,750
1,001-1,500 $4,500
1,501+ $6,000
Member Businesses Annual Dues
0-9 $450
10-25 $900
26-50 $1,350
51-100 $2,250
101-250 $3,375
251-500 $4,500
501-1,000 $5,625
1,001-1,500 $6,750
1,501+ $9,000
Commercial Types Annual Dues
Commercial Tenants $0.15 per rentable square foot of commercial space; Annual minimum dues of $450
Commercial Developers $0.14 per entitled square foot of commercial space

*Employers and Business Associations that are not located within a Commercial Development that pays membership fees at the Commercial Development rate.

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Note: Financial transactions are not available on this site. A hardcopy invoice will be sent to you once you have submitted the application.

Commercial developer dues will be assessed based upon the entitled square footage of the property and assessed at the time of inclusion of the property in an approved Transportation Management Plan (TMP) or other binding document establishing Yolo TMA membership (e.g. signed commitment by the property owner to join the Yolo TMA as a mitigation measure for traffic impacts associated with the development). Commercial developer dues are assessed annually and are due the first month of the Yolo TMA fiscal Year (July) until the building has been completed and continue until the responsibility for the dues payment has been transferred to the commercial tenant through a lease or other binding documentation. Upon the lease commencement date, the membership rate for the property will convert to the commercial tenant rate category.

Property owners may, at their discretion, incorporate language into lease/rental agreements with their respective tenants mandating tenant membership in the Yolo TMA. In such instances, Yolo TMA invoices will be billed directly to tenants as a service to the property owners. In lieu of lease language mandating the membership of the tenant in the Yolo TMA, the dues obligation for any and all leased square footage within a Yolo TMA membership property shall fall to the property’s owner and the Yolo TMA invoices will be billed directly to the property’s owner.

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Davis Lumberyard (Coming Soon!) is the answer

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